Margaret Pickett
CCS School Director

Halfway! We have completed 18 weeks, with 18 left to finish. This timeline puts the seniors about five months away from the goal that was set back in kindergarten--a high school diploma! While I am excited for them to shake my hand and receive that document, I am sad to think that they are going to be gone from the halls of CCS. We have a wonderful group of young adults in our senior class. In just the 18 months that I have known them, I have grown to love them. The world is going to be a better place when they are out there working, raising families, and impacting their communities. 

Italian Ice

Our Italian ice has been quite a hit with our students and teachers. We are grateful to Billy Coston for all he has done in supporting our school with his time and his contributions. The Italian ice is on hiatus for the time being because Billy has been dealing with some physical challenges. We pray that God will bless Billy in the new year with good health. We look forward to seeing him and his team back in a few weeks so that we can all enjoy the treats--of Ice, of fellowship, and of the relationship we have built with the Costons.

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